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Full Scope Social Media Management


September 2022 – Present

About The Client:

SIX60 is a highly successful New Zealand band, renowned for their captivating blend of reggae, rock, and pop, and their energetic live shows.

What We Did:

Done By works with SIX60 to assist with strategy and execution of PR, album release, show promo and general marketing / audience engagement. This is a busy service given the nature of the brand so we pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to work within tight timeframes.


– Castle St Album release which debuted at number one on the New Zealand Albums Chart.

– Castle St World Tour Promo.

– Grown TikTok following to 125k followers.

– Audience engagement strategy has seen a 400% increase in audience engagement.

Photo Credit: SIX60 Saturdays 2022 by Joel McDowell

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