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Emerging Artist Roadmap

What Is It?

Introducing the Emerging Artist Roadmap (EAR) - a comprehensive solution designed to address the challenges faced by emerging artists on TikTok and elevate their presence and engagement on social media. At Done By, we recognise the hurdles that many emerging artists encounter, including limited TikTok presence, inactive accounts, low engagement, irregular posting, and the absence of a clear content strategy. Our mission is to empower these artists by offering a wide range of services to help them navigate the

complex TikTok landscape.

Our Approach

The EAR roadmap is divided into three distinct stages:


Foundation and Planning, Engagement and Optimisation, and Growth and Analytics.


Each stage is carefully crafted to provide emerging artists with the necessary tools and strategies to thrive on TikTok.


Beyond the roadmap, we also offer ongoing support to ensure artists continually adapt to the evolving TikTok landscape.

Key Services

Our services encompass account activation, tailored content strategy development, consistent posting schedules, engagement techniques, trend integration, content creation tips, analytics and performance insights, and comprehensive training sessions over a three-month timeline.


This holistic approach aims to empower emerging artists not only on TikTok but also across various online platforms, helping them build a robust digital footprint, attract a broader fan base, and establish a compelling personal brand in the competitive music industry.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to emerging artists extends beyond the initial three-month roadmap. We continue to provide TikTok advisory, data analysis, and content strategy support. We explore opportunities for cross-promotion among emerging artists to further boost their TikTok presence, adapting strategies to align with the evolving TikTok landscape and artists' changing music and brand direction.

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