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Done By You

What Is It?

Empowering businesses and personal brands to take control of their social media presence with confidence really fills our boots. ‘Done By You’, allows us to share our expertise and work alongside you on a one to one, one to many or a one off consulting basis.


Capability Training

Our Capability Training is a personalised, one-on-one journey where we work hand in hand with you to build your social presence. We craft a tailored roadmap, designed to suit your industry and individual needs. Through guidance, expert insights and a clearly outlined structure, we empower you to  become a social media maestro and succeed on social media.


Previously used by: Musicians, artists, chefs, coaches + consultants 


Our Consulting services are versatile and adapt to your unique business needs. Whether you're seeking a fresh perspective on execution activities, a comprehensive strategy overhaul, guidance on direction, or an audit of your current social initiatives, we've got you covered. Our advisory services are available for one-off projects or as an ongoing monthly or quarterly review to ensure your social activities are on the right track. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of social media.


Previously used by: Agriculture, Professional Services, SaaS, FMCG


Our Workshops are dynamic, one-to-many sessions, thoughtfully tailored to specific industries, ensuring relevance and practicality. We're committed to delivering actionable insights and takeaways, so you won't be left with the "learning without action" dilemma we’ve all faced before. 


Previously used by: Industry bodies such as Tourism NZ, Trades groups

Case Studies


Done By worked alongside Qualmark and Tourism NZ as part of their Nationwide DCP (Digital Capability Program) to assist over 200 Tourism providers pivot and cater to the domestic market whilst borders were closed. The program involved 40 x 2 hour workshops over two weeks followed by a second phase of practical support designed to help tourism providers dive deeper into their digital ecosystem and execute on workshop learnings. Done By truly enjoyed working alongside tourism businesses of all kinds to ensure some kind of forward momentum during such a tough time industry wide. From small backyard glamping sites to large multi branch adventure tourism organisations, it highlighted the value of capability training for businesses big and small.


Done By partners with Muroki in collaboration with his record label, Universal Music Group New Zealand, providing valuable support in crafting an effective social media strategy, with a particular focus on TikTok. Our collaborative efforts have yielded successful outcomes through two separate single releases, aiming to enhance Muroki’s visibility on the platform and expand his reach to a broader audience. As a result, Muroki's music has attracted a surge in streaming numbers and cultivated a advancing fanbase, currently standing at 25,500 strong. Muroki’s mesmerising vocal prowess captures your full attention, as his smooth, hypnotic voice effortlessly caresses melodies, leaving a lasting impression – making him an ideal artist to promote. 


Done By worked alongside StarJam through a consulting lens to empower their internal team on their social media journey. Social media marketing is crucial for non-profits as it provides a cost-effective and far-reaching platform to amplify their mission, engage with a diverse audience, and cultivate a supportive community that can drive awareness, donations, and meaningful impact. Our consulting efforts assisted StarJam at a grass-roots level and a national campaign level (Raise Your Hands for StarJam Campaign).

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