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Done By Who?

Welcome to Done By, your line-up of social media specialists ready and waiting to be your unmatched advantage. We take our work seriously but have fun while doing it and bring a creative and collaborative approach to every project. We’re powered by caffeine, fueled by good music, motivated by results and lovers of almond croissants with a serious knack for Wordle.

Our Team

Olivia McIver

Managing Director

Liv founded Done By with two primary goals: prioritising ethical business practices and achieving financial success, but the second is never to be done without the first. Her previous experience in unethical agencies strongly influenced her commitment to these principles. With 8 years of social media expertise, she now leads our clients' strategy development, harnessing the power of social media for business growth.

Jessica McGillivray

Social Media &

Account Manager

Jess, our Social Media and Account Manager since early 2022, thrives in the fast-paced realm of Social Media Marketing. She's passionate about staying updated on trends, running giveaways, and promoting our diverse client base. In her free time, she enjoys quality moments with her fiancé, friends, and pets, often escaping to her hometown, Pouto, for weekends.

Solomon Granger

Paid Social & Ads Manager

Sol, our Paid Social/Ads Manager, is passionate about driving results through digital strategies that engage, influence, and convert audiences. He joined the Done By team shortly after graduating from Otago University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Management. Sol excels in optimising paid social campaigns to deliver impactful outcomes.

Georgia Johnstone

Head Of Content &

Artist Management

In 2021, Georgia earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. She interned at Done By during her studies and became our Head of Content in November 2021. Georgia is passionate about using creativity to communicate inspiring and captivating ideas to consumers.


Snuggle Strategist

Maple is the office's original canine team member and the beloved pet of Georgia. She joined us in January 2022 as a puppy, bringing warmth and joy to our workspace. She's known for her talent as our resident lap warmer, so don't be surprised if she doesn't acknowledge you when you enter the office, that's a duty expertly handled by our other three canine companions.


Barketing Specialist

River joined the team in April 2023 and was put straight to work as a young pup. From featuring in clients content to being the dedicated playful pup in office, her role is ever-changing and no two days are the same. She will be the first to greet you at the door so make sure you say hi!

Our Oath

Day in, day out here’s our philosophy.


We're good people, doing good business. We spend our clients' budget as if it was our own. We have a responsibility to tell a client if something isn't working as fast as we would if something was. We don't hide behind marketing terms, we tell it how it is. We don't work off contracts, our results are our contracts. We're big believers in proactive marketing over reactive marketing. We do right by our clients at all times.

We leave every day feeling accomplished.

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